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Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Calculator

First time users, please read the detailed instructions regarding the TPN calculator. Repeat visitors, begin by entering values in the top of the form. Age, sex, weight, and length or height are required before any calculations start. Entered values are accepted when you tab to the next field, hit "Enter" on your keyboard, or click outside the field. Values in later sections of the form are derived from values in previous sections. Many values can be customized and individually replaced. A few values, e.g. BMI or administration rates, cannot be altered unless preceding variables that determine those values are altered.

(TPN feedback to: Robert J. Rothbaum, M.D.)

Disclaimer: This interactive calculation tool was written to serve as an aid in calculating TPN. Calculations are based on the information you submit and underlying assumptions related to age, body composition, and clinical status. This calculation tool is not intended to replace thorough patient evaluation. Despite exhaustive efforts, the accuracy and completeness of the work cannot be guaranteed. Washington University and the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology assume no responsibility for decisions made on the basis of information provided by this program.

Clear Form
Patient Name
Age    years   or   months
Sex male   or   female
Weight kg
Length/Height cm
Surface Area m2 (please do not edit Surface Area)
Body Mass Index (please do not edit BMI)
Further information about BMI

(Reset #1)
Energy Expenditures       Fluid Requirements
  kcal/day kcal/kg/day ml/day
Resting EE ml/kg/day
Stressors L/m2/day
  kcal/day kcal/kg/day  
Est. Total Daily EE
Infusion through
20% Intralipid

(Reset #2)
Dextrose % , mg/kg/min
Amino Acids % , g/kg/day

(Reset #3)
Electrolytes and Minerals       Caloric Summary
  mEq/L mEq/kg/day (please do not edit)
 Total Provided
= from fat
+ from dextrose

Amino Acids:
Magnesium Progress Note
Energy per Day and
Amino Acids per Day.
Graphs draw in a
  mMol/L mMol/kg/day
Administration Rates
% dextrose with % amino acids
  at ml/hr for hours/day
20% Intralipid at ml/hr for hours/day

Supplemental Fluid      (for specific clinical situations)
  1. Select an appropriate fluid:
    Lactated Ringers
    1/2 NS + 20 mEq KCl/L (NG Replacement)
    5% Albumin in Normal Saline

  2. Specify either replacement or infusion, and details:

    Replace every ml fluid from with ml of supplemental fluid every hours

    Infuse at ml/hour for hours

Medications Heparin units/L
Selenium 2mcg/kg/day (Max. 40mcg/day)
Other Medications to be added:
List one per line. Include name, amount, units.

Vitamins and
Trace Metals
standard vitamins and trace metals
contact pharmacy with special requirements

Doctor's Name   


Local users (WU or BJC IP addresses) can print order sheets. Print and sign two copies of the order sheet. One copy remains with Physician Orders. The second copy is sent to the Pharmacy. Off-campus or distant users can print informational copies in the format of an order sheet.

Note: If the needs of your patient are not met by these processes, then please contact the Pediatric Gastroenterology service or Robert J. Rothbaum, M.D. for additional advice and consultation.

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